Breaking: Gov. Matawalle sacks Advisers, DGs, creates three new Ministries

The Zamfara State Governor, Dr. Bello Mohammed, has approved the creation of three new additional ministries in the state, which makes the total of ministries to 22.

According to the Governor, the move is in accordance with dynamic nature of governance and to allow for effective service delivery.

The newly created ministries are as follows.

  1. Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism
  2. Ministry of Higher Education
  3. Ministry for Social and Community development.

Accordingly, some of the existing ministries are restructured and named as follows:

i. Ministry of Information;

ii. Ministry of Commerce and Industries;

iii. Ministry of Women and Children Affairs;

iv. Ministry for Local Government Affairs; and

v. Ministry of Science and Technical Education.

The governor, in accordance with restructuring exercise, relieved all Special Advisers of their appointments. Similarly all the Directors General are also dropped to enable for proffer reorganisation of the existing Directorates.

Accordingly, both the Special Advisers and the Directors General were directed to hand over the affairs of their organisations to the accounting officers, or the Directors of Administration of their respective Directorates, as the case may be.

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