KEDCO rolls out discounts to customers over outstanding debt

The Management of Kano Electricity Distribution Company (KEDCO) has commenced its discount promo to help its numerous customers across the Kano franchise settle their outstanding bills.

According to the Management, the decision was made as a way of helping to lessen the burden of debt by customers, while encouraging them to clear their outstanding bills.

This is also to further prove our customer-centric policy as a company and in that regard, we have categorized the discount promo into four.

Customers owing between N20, 000 and N49,999 will enjoy a 20 percent discount if paying once but if they want to pay their debt in two months, they will enjoy a 15 percent discount; between N50, 000 and N99, 999 debt, customers in this category will enjoy 30 percent discount for a one-time payment and 25 percent if paying in two months.

From N100, 000 to N199,999 customers will enjoy 45 percent if paying once but if paying in two months 35 percent discount; above N200, 000 customers will enjoy 55 percent if paying once and 45 percent if paid in two months. The last two categories include the metering option.

We are appealing to all customers with outstanding debts to take advantage of this opportunity to clear their bills as this will encourage KEDCO to further invest and improve on our services.

The offer will last for one month from today, 17/3/2021.

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