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Traders Strike Suspension: A look at the prices of Onions in the North, South


Northern Nigeria serves as a main hub for cultivation of most of the commonly used vegetables like Onion varieties, that majority of Nigerians consume.

Recall that recently, onion prices rise in some parts of the south due to its shortage as a result of strike embarked upon by the Amalgamated Union of foods from the Northern States.

Daily News 24 gathered that, though, the strike has been suspended the prices of onions are still low at Yankaba and Dawakin Kudu town, in Kano.

Aliyu Idris Amama, the Chairman Onion Sellers Association of the ‘Yan Kaba market in Kano State said, the prices of onion is low compared to the first quarter of 2020.

“What happened actually is that, this is the season of onion production. And the vegetable is harvested by farmers in large quantities.

“You know our people and their mode of operations, the price hike we experience last year gingered most of the farmers to go for it’s production, that one secondly contributed in the price structure we’re experiencing today. ” Idris Amama said.

The Chairman related the price hike in Southern State of the Nigeria, to the strike by the Amalgamated Union of foods that necessitated as a result of clash between two Hausa Community and the residents of Oyo State.

Suhaib Auwal Mu’az is a student from Kano residing in Edo State confirmed to Daily News 24 that prices of a piece of Onion starts from 500 during the striking period but with the suspension, the prices are becoming lower.

“I can actually say that we’re suffering from price hike of food, especially because you can do without this popular Nigerian Spice when cooking any type of food”, Suhaib Auwal.

As many expert says, Onion offers excellent health benefits, and the ease of cultivation makes it a lucrative venture for any aspiring farmer in the North.

It’s known to all that most of the popular Nigerian delicacies cannot be done without the vegetable, thus considered very essential.

Residents of both North and South are hopeful that more onions would be produced and would be affordable by many.

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